Help Desk

6 things to look for in help desk support

Finding reliable help desk support for your business can make it easier for your employees to report problems, focus on their work, and boost their productivity. Unfortunately, not every company that offers help desk services has the features needed to improve your business’s level of success.

As you explore your options, make sure you look for these six help desk features.

Prioritizing tickets by importance

Some IT problems need solutions sooner than others. For instance, if your network becomes extremely slow, you want your help desk to solve that issue before tackling a menial problem that only affects one person.

Make sure you choose a help desk partner that knows how to prioritize tickets by importance. Otherwise, you may find that the help desk wastes its time focusing on issues that don’t matter.

Numerous ways to interact with help desk support

The best help desk support can interact with your employees in several ways. Having multiple ways to communicate makes it easier for employees with different learning preferences solve problems. For instance, you may want to partner with a help desk solution that can communicate with employees via phone, email, or remotely access their computers.

The more options you have, the more value your employees will get from the service.

24-Hour support

You never know when your network will have a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Choose a help desk partner with 24-hour support so you can address the issue immediately. Otherwise, your employees may not have anything to do when they come to work in the morning.

Customized services for your business

The help desk solutions that your business needs aren’t necessarily the same as the solutions that other businesses need. Because of this, you shouldn’t choose a one-size-fits-all help desk solution. If you do, then you might find that you don’t have the services you need or that you pay for features you will never use.

Find a company that will review your processes, talk to you about your needs, and create custom services specifically for your business.

Find support that knows how to solve complex problems

Help desk support should have the ability to solve a wide range of problems. It should know how to help a new employee create a file on the network. The people working with the help desk should also know how to approach bigger problems like upgrading legacy systems to new technologies.

Instead of a basic help desk, you may want to invest in a managed IT services provider (MSP). An MSP with a help desk can give you the support that you need, no matter what IT issue you face. Choosing an MSP will also give you the opportunity to adopt VoIP, cloud, and IT solutions for business continuity.

A solution that fits your budget

With help desks, you usually get what you pay for. Since SMBs usually have small IT budgets, you will need to get quotes from several help desk service providers before you decide which option to use.

Many SMBs prefer using IT companies that charge flat rates. With flat rates, you know exactly how much your IT services will cost each month. If you choose a company that charges by the hour, then it’s impossible to predict how much money you need to budget from month to month.

Help desks have become indispensable for companies that rely on technology. As more and more SMBs adopt advanced technologies, help desks will become increasingly important. You’ll get the best service when you look for help desk support with the features listed above.