The Best VoIP

Option for Your Business

The other smartphone.

The cell phone you tote around isn’t the only smartphone at your fingertips. Today’s VoIP systems are packed with some impressive bells and whistles . . . right from your desk phone. Some even have touchscreens.

The technology behind VoIP is solid. Voice quality is clear. Uptime is reliable. And there’s no heavy learning curve for the most common features. If you’ve ever used an old-school phone, you’ll feel right at home making calls on a VoIP phone.

What you get with VoIP:

  • All the standard calling features you’re used to, like call forwarding, call transfers and voicemail
  • Advanced features, like call screening, visual voicemail and smart call forwarding
  • Personalized options like customer-friendly auto attendants or custom hold music
  • Detailed data reports on all your company’s inbound and outbound call activity

All the Amazing Options You’re not Using

VoIP can do so much more than just make calls.

These systems include all kinds of user-friendly, convenient features that make business communication easier. What’s more, you can customize your system to match your needs. Even if you’ve been using VoIP for years, there are probably functions you’re not taking advantage of.

Productivity Boosts


Dodge unwanted calls with call
screening, and never miss
important calls with smart call

Insightful Metrics


Keep track of everything from
bandwidth and usage to
records of inbound and
outbound calls.

Unique Personality


Sync your phone system with
your company culture, creating
a customer experience that’s
all your own.

Tailored to Your Needs


Use the features that make
sense without getting weighed
down by options you don’t

They are responsive to our requests and look for ways to improve our business. We are very happy with the service they provide and would highly recommend them.

Amy Stanfield
TSO – San Marcos

Hill Country Knows VoIP

Our experienced techs can help you choose the VoIP system that makes sense for your business. We can also help with all the customization and options. Plus, we’ll be there to provide support when you need it.


VoIP is powerful—the trick is knowing how to leverage that power to make your life easier. That’s where we come into the picture.


And if you’re looking for some tips you can use right now, check out our whitepaper below.

9 Crazy-Smart Things You Can Do With VoIP

VoIP systems can handle a lot. In fact, the options are so robust that most companies only use about 40-50% of the functionality of their VoIP system. But every company uses a different 40-50%. In other words, your ideal VoIP setup will be unique to you.

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