& Disaster Recovery

Proactive Protection You Can Count On

It’s not a fun topic, that’s for sure. After all, the only time you really need backup and disaster recovery (or BDR) is when something’s gone wrong. Who wants to think about that?

You do. And here’s why.

Without a backup and disaster recovery plan, even minor setbacks can undo your business. But if you have a solid plan in place, you can weather any storm.

Complete Backup and Disaster Recovery Should Include:

  • Continuous, automatic backups to an off-site data center
  • Access to important data from any location
  • Instant recovery of original files if disaster strikes
  • A well-documented plan your entire organization can rely on

The Perks of


When you have a backup and disaster recovery plan, you can breathe easier.

Minimize Downtime


Stay productive with the fewer
crippling interruptions and
quick recovery.

Protect Your Reputation


Your customers want to know
they can rely on you—even in
the midst of a disaster.

Focus On Revenue


You have better, more
profitable ways to spend your
time than dealing with

Enjoy Peace of Mind


Rest assured that your data is
safely backed up, ready to be
restored if needed.

Hill Country Tech Guys has been our IT provider for several years now. They are responsive to our requests and look for ways to improve our business. We are very happy with the service they provide and would highly recommend them.

Amy Stanfield
TSO Business and Marketing Director

We Know Backup and Disaster Recovery

A backup and disaster recovery plan may not stop disasters from happening, but it makes bouncing back much easier. And Hill Country Tech Guys can make the entire process a breeze.


We’ll handle all the details to ensure you have the BDR plan you need. We’ll also be there to answer any questions for you and to help out if you ever have to restore your data.


We’re a partner you can trust.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning 101

When your network is down, you can’t maintain normal operations. Every minute (or hour or day) you spend scrambling to get back online is time and money out the door. And that’s why a backup and disaster recovery plan matters so much. This could literally make or break your company.

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