How Managed Services Are Like Bourbon. (Yes, Really.)

Managed services are a lot like bourbon. You need the right ingredients, the right balance, the right process, and the right maturity. The Hill Country Tech Guys team is proud of the kind of managed services we provide. Consider us the bourbon of tech support. Smooth, easy to enjoy, and consistently high-quality.
Data Breach

Were you affected by the Equifax data breach?

Equifax is one of the three major American credit agencies, along with Experian and TransUnion. In July, the company discovered a weak point in their website software that exposed system files to hackers. In addition to social security and drivers’ license information, the hackers may have also obtained names, birth dates, addresses, credit card numbers and other documents with personal information.
IT Support

5 Must-Have Qualities for IT Support

An SMB owner – we’ll call her Jill – is talking to an IT…
Texas Strong

Texas Strong!

For many of our customers, their business is their life's work. It’s their livelihood, their passion and their purpose. They need that income now more than ever to help with recovery, so we take our part in stabilizing and protecting their business very seriously.
IT Support

3 Questions For Potential IT Support Providers

How do you pick the right IT support partner for your company? A quick Google search reveals way more options than you anticipated. Who knew there were so many IT support providers out there?! How do you separate the good from the mediocre? Here are three critical questions to get you started.

4 IT Solutions That Will Change the Way You Work

There are business-related IT solutions that can change the way you work at a fundamental level. Let’s take a look at four IT solutions that have the potential to make your workday so much easier.
Whit's Tesla

A Note from Owner and CEO, Whit Ehrich

If you know me, you know I love technology, and that I travel a lot! Due to the fact that I drive about 45,000 miles a year, I also have had my share of cars. I made some purchases in the past that were not the best car for the amount of traveling I do. After discussing my options with my peers, I decided to purchase a Tesla.
Red Alarm

Technology Trailblazin’

We always tell people to bring us their struggles and frustrations. We want to know what work issues slow your productivity. That way we can help you innovate your way through through them. No one turns down the help. Still, many people don’t truly understand what we mean or how technology can be used to creatively solve a problem.
Overwatch Lineup

Even the Overwatch Heroes Need Solid Team Support

In Overwatch, there’s no winning without teamwork. And we bring the same philosophy to work. There’s no room in IT support for showboating. Instead, IT support should be about empowering your business. If you’re not winning, we’re not winning.

Light Up Your 4th of July with Managed IT Services

Technology can be an advantage, but for a lot of SMB leaders it isn’t. The easiest way to make your company an exception to the rule is to team up with a managed IT services partner.