IT Project

IT project pro tips that will save you time and money

Managing a new IT project is a major undertaking. Handled the wrong way, an IT project can quickly turn into a headache. And when IT projects go off the rails, they frequently fall off schedule and out of line with their budgets. But there are things that you can do to help your IT project along.
Help Desk

6 things to look for in help desk support

A help desk can make your business more agile and productive. Before you benefit, though, you need to find a help desk service provider that fits your budget and matches your needs. This article will help you focus on the most important features to look for in help desk support.

4 basic things your SMB needs for DIY cybersecurity

DIY cybersecurity is an issue all SMBs need to consider. Cyberattacks on SMBs is on the rise, require heavy investment to fix, and put many SMBs out of business. Many SMBs find that working with a managed service provider and backing up in the cloud is a good cybersecurity alternative.
Phishing Email

Gone phishing: How to protect your business from phishing attempts

Phishing attacks have become one of the biggest security risks today's businesses face. In fact, about three-quarters of organizations say that they encountered phishing attacks in 2017. The most successful phishing attacks usually come in the form of emails. Do you know how to spot them?
IT project

How to make your next IT project a success

As a small business owner, you have to wear a lot of hats. With so much on your plate, it may seem like a challenge to make any new initiative successful. But following our IT project tips, you'll give yourself a better chance at a positive and successful outcome.

5 things to look for in help desk support

Help desks are vital for internal support, customer service and retention strategies. While searching for the best partner, try to think about the whole thing from the perspective of the people who will communicate with the help desk the most—your employees. What will they find useful?
BYOD Policy

How to create a BYOD policy for your SMB

BYOD can benefit your business, but there are some security risks involved in letting employees use their personal devices. Learn about the pros and cons of BYOD so you can decide how to write a BYOD policy that protects the security of your business and employees.
IM Apps

The 6 best IM apps for growing SMBs

Communication is a must for any growing SMB, and Instant Messaging (IM) provides an option that can keep your group connected and help with scalability as you increase in size. Check out these 6 IM apps to get a better idea of what communication tools might work best for your organization.
Work Computer

Simple steps for taking care of your work computer

Your work computer is an important piece of equipment, one that you should provide with the utmost level of care. There's more to it than just installing an antivirus program, though, and following some of these tips will help ensure a long life for any machine.
Technology Tools

5 big business technology tools that are perfect for SMBs

Small businesses have unique needs when it comes to technology. They need the same technology tools that large business use, but scaled down to their size. Here are some of the most important technology tools that work well for SMB owners. Maybe it’s time to incorporate these into your business.