People Using Unified Communications

Unified Communications: What It Is and Why You Want It

Unified communications is a real thing. It’s not just jargon. And it represents a legitimately helpful approach to managing every aspect of your company’s interaction, both internal and external. Today, we’re going to explain what it is and why you want it.

3 Examples of Data Loss That Will Make You Sweat

Data loss happens frequently in the modern world. Being unprepared can lead to disastrous consequences. To demonstrate, we created a list of three notable instances from the 21st century.

9 Crazy-Smart Things You Can Do With VoIP

VoIP systems can handle a lot. In fact, the options are so robust that most companies only use about 40-50% of the functionality of their VoIP system. But every company uses a different 40-50%. In other words, your ideal VoIP setup will be unique to you.
The HC Tech Guys Star Wars event.

The Force Was Strong with Our Star Wars Movie Event

We had a stellar time at our recent Star Wars: The Last Jedi event. Our clients, friends, and family were able to enjoy a preview of the film the day before it opened in theaters!

Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning 101

When your network is down, you can’t maintain normal operations. Every minute (or hour or day) you spend scrambling to get back online is time and money out the door. And that’s why a backup and disaster recovery plan matters so much. This could literally make or break your company.
Working Remotely

Working Remotely: The Starter Pack

Let’s talk about why working remotely. What is it, why is it important, and what does it take to pull it off? Whether you intend to embrace working remotely as a standard, all-the-time policy or only as needed, it’s a viable business approach. This is your telecommuting starter pack.

Are Cloud Services Right for Your Business?

Take your business to the cloud with Hill Country Tech Guys. We have the know-how to steer you to the perfect solutions for your business.
2018 Cloud Services

The Top 6 Cloud Services Tips to Help You Rock 2018

If you’re a small business owner, your hopes for the new year almost certainly include prosperity for your business. There’s all kinds of advice we could offer to help make 2018 a little brighter for your company, but today we’re going to focus on one critical area: cloud services.

Surefire Steps for Complete Network Security

At Hill Country, we want to ensure your business can handle and overcome all the latest security threats. With the right security solutions and services to watch your back and back you up, you can work with greater flexibility, confidence and productivity.
Stormy weather.

Weathering a Disaster with BDR

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is a plan that protects your company’s data and maintains business continuity in the face of a small hiccup or a huge catastrophe.