guy talking on the phone in the pool

The Various Ways to Communicate Now That You Have a VoIP System

Having a VoIP system allows you to become more flexible and mobile, accessing your phone from places you never thought you’d work from before, such as:

A barn on a visit home

You’re back home visiting your parents out in the country. It’s getting a bit stuffy and noisy in the house, so you decide to take a break and sit in the quiet barn for a bit. As you look at the piles of hay, you start to really focus on the individual strands, and they remind you of the electrical wires back at work.

Suddenly you get a brilliant idea for your next work project, but you’re not sure if it’s too “out-there.” You know your friend is at work working right now, so, you pull out your phone, access your work phone, and call him at the office to discuss it. VoIP to the rescue.

Taking care of a sick child from home

You don’t have to miss out on conference calls anymore just because you can’t make it to the office. With VoIP solutions, access your work phone from the comfort of your own home. Just make sure you’re in the room over so your important colleges don’t overhear you child’s sick complaints.

Getting inspiration on the beach

As you step deeper and deeper into the ocean, slowly losing touch of the sand beneath your toes, you alter your swimming methods to cater to the various waves and all their strengths. The pull and push of the water kind of remind you of the give and take of work…

Suddenly, somehow, these various ways of operating make you think of various ways to improve your workflow at work. You think this idea is so great and it can’t wait, so you wade back to shore and make it over to your towel and bag. You grab your phone, but quickly realize that you have no service. No worries, just connect to the WiFi! After you do that, you access your work account phone, then call your desk to leave a message to make sure you get to it when you get back to the office.

Getting a phone call in the middle of a date

When you’re needed, you’re needed. Hey, maybe it was a bad date and that call saved you from another hour of awkward small talk. If it was a good date, I’m sure she/he will understand. Either way, having a VoIP service available is a good thing, whether you realize it in the moment or not.

At Hill Country Tech Guys, we understand the importance of having a VoIP system. Have any questions? Give us a call! We’ll make sure to respond – we have VoIP.