ShoreTel VoIP phone

Why We Work with ShoreTel for Our VoIP

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system can completely revolutionize the way your business operates. The ability of using a single Internet connection for all voice, video, and data communications is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Not only does this IT solution save you time, improve ROI, and strategically utilize resources, but it also allows you to become increasingly flexible, mobile, productive, responsive, and efficient.

The business world is too quick to be restricted to a traditional phone system. With a service as advantages as VoIP, it’s important that you get it from a trusted, well reputed vendor. That’s why we partner up with ShoreTel.

There are 3 simple, yet effective, reasons why we work with ShoreTel for our VoIP: simplicity, various choices, and ultimate convenience.


ShoreTel makes things simple. They don’t believe that communication should be hard. Instead, they make interactions simple at every level so that you don’t waste any time on unnecessary confusion. They do this by managing your systems for you. Not only is this convenient, but it also allows us as an MSP to have more time to focus on issues of greater importance, such as your business goals and how to get there faster.   

ShoreTel also brings together various services into a single location for ultimate ease of use. Their solution suite includes IP phone systems, a contact center, unified communications and collaboration services, SIP trunking, and CPAAS for building voice and SMS apps. So, all you need to do to access any of these services is to just come to a single location, and you’ll get everything you need.

Also, if you ever need to make adjustments to your plan, feel free! Not only will it be seamless, but there is also no penalty for it. What could be simpler than that?


ShoreTel also offers various choices to allow the user to customize their systems however they want. For example, their ShoreTel Connect solution will give you the freedom to choose if, when, and how you migrate to the cloud. You will also be able to decide whether you want to deploy onsite, via the cloud, or a hybrid of the two.

The choices don’t stop there. You have the freedom to select whether you want standard UC solutions, solutions that can be customized with advanced features, or an open platform with the APIs. The choice is yours!

Ultimate Convenience

As we mentioned before, we work with ShoreTel because their management of your communication tools is top notch. They are always on top of the latest communication upgrades and any maintenance issues you may need for no capital costs.

In addition, their solutions also:

  • Allow for remote workers to connect easily
  • Are easily scalable
  • Provide multiple phones to place at the locations you want
  • Integrate with Salesforce and other apps to measure metrics
  • Works for you 24/7

With all of this in mind, are we really surprised that their products and services are award-winning and “consistently outperform the competition on flexibility, customer satisfaction and lowest total cost of ownership?”

This is why we pair with ShoreTel. We take our promise seriously when we tell you our services will help improve your business efficiency and productivity. When we say that we will provide you with VoIP services that will make collaboration easier, allow you to be more flexible, and improve your operations overall, we mean it.

Ready for a simple, scalable, flexible, respective, and strategic VoIP solution? Get in touch. We’ll start right away!