Kris Morrison

Replace Your Devices for Updated Network Security

I’m sure you replace your phones every year or so, whether you like it or not. You drop them, step on them, spill liquid on them and you have to get a replacement. But what about your computers and tablets? Better yet, what about your office devices? By replacing your devices, you’re actually improving your network security.

Are Your Devices Working the Way They Should?

When was the last time you replaced any of your work devices? A year? Two Years? Three? Do you even remember? Working on old hardware and software comes at a price. Every year your technology gets older and as it gets older, it deprecates both in value and efficiency. Your technology isn’t like a Twinkie; it doesn’t have an infinite shelf life. According to the IRS, most of your technology has a useful life of around seven years. Desktops, laptops, and software have a shorter useful life, ranging anywhere from two to three years.

So What Can You Do to Improve Network Security in the Meantime?

While it’s important to maintain current hardware, it can also be quite expensive to replace your devices every few years to keep with the current security standards. So what can you do in the meantime? There are multiple solutions that you and your IT provider can do to ensure that your network is secure in between replacements.

  • Scan your network to identify faults and fixing them proactively
  • Address any new network security threats
  • Update software by running patches and antivirus signatures
  • Enable security improvement and management
  • Document the state of current security for compliance and audits

Hill Country Tech Guys Can Help

As a leading IT provider, Hill Country Tech Guys can make sure your network security is in top shape. They can create manual processes to identify any gaps you may have and implement solutions to best suit your needs. They can make sure you’re in compliance with any laws, regulations, and business policies. So why run on vulnerable hardware? Give Hill Country Tech Guys a call.