When things go wrong how often are you prepared to handle them? There are plenty of hiccups throughout life and most people are reactive rather than proactive. Unfortunately not all twists and turns in life can be avoided. However we can certainly prepare for them. The same way we implement crisis and recovery plans for our individual lives, we can construct emergency response plans for our businesses. When a business is disrupted, it can lose money. Lost revenues plus extra expenses reduces profits. We have constructed a quick checklist to a strong business continuity plan in case your business falls victim to a disaster.

 Business Continuity Check List

  1. Employee contact list – Make sure you are able to quickly and efficiently reach all of your employees.
  2. Key supplier/vendor information- List the companies that supply product and services to your business.
  3. Key contacts- List two to three people from each department.
  4. List of critical business functions- Make sure everyone has a documented version of the steps they need to follow in case to be called to action.
  5. Recovery locations- Find a location that your key employees can relocate to. We suggests having multiple backup locations.
  6. Copies of essential records- We recommend safeguarding your information in a data center through the cloud.
  7. Critical telephone numbers- Know the emergency numbers that will help you get back on your feet again.
  8. Critical supplies list.
  9. Inventory of the company’s equipment/machinery/vehicles.
  10. Inventory of the company’s computer equipment and software.
  11. List of communication venues.
  12. Disaster response plan- Hold quarterly meetings to go over plans and changes.

Business continuity deals with business functions and the immediate start up after an event of mayhem. Companies ensure the safety of their software when they plan accordingly through recovery strategies for information technology. Information technology includes a company’s network, servers, desktop and laptop computers, and wireless devices. A successful business continuity plan will outline the procedures and instructions for your business to follow when disaster hits. Contact us today and allow us to answer any questions you might have about your business continuity plan. Hill Country Tech Guys.