How Managed Services Are Like Bourbon. (Yes, Really.)

All bourbons are whiskey, but not all whiskeys are bourbon. Do you know the difference?

According to, there are six things that make a whiskey a bourbon. To qualify, the spirit in question:

  • Must be made from a grain mash containing at least 51% corn.
  • Must be less than 160 proof.
  • Must be free from additives during the distillation process.
  • Must be aged in new, charred white-oak barrels.
  • Must be made in the USA.
  • Must be aged for at least two years.

Said another way, you need the right ingredients, the right balance, the right process, and the right maturity before you have a bourbon. We think the same basic qualities apply to solid managed services.

The right ingredients.

You can’t have quality managed services without the right ingredients.

If a managed services provider doesn’t support the kinds of IT solutions you use, that’s no good. If they don’t meet your organization’s networking needs, what’s the point? If they’re great over the phone but slow to respond to in-person requests, it’s time to move on.

You need a provider who’s sincerely committed to your success, quick to answer the call, and capable of delivering the solutions you rely on.

The right balance.

Some managed services providers can’t see beyond your network to understand that you have business targets, goals and objectives. For them, if your tech is working, they’ve done their job. Nevermind if there’s a better solution that might incorporate more strategic IT tools.

They’re barely better than a generic helpdesk.

You need a provider who gets your priorities. Someone who will take the time to align their approach with your goals.

The right process.

Technology has the potential to transform business, even if you run a small operation. Because that’s true, managed services are an integral part of the equation.

It’s one thing to make sure you have internet access and printers that work. It’s something else to apply industry-recognized best practices, allowing your company to do more with few resources and less effort.

You need a provider who understands how to apply the best available IT solutions to your work space.

The right maturity.

Experience isn’t everything. We’ll be the first to admit there are managed services providers out there who’ve been in the game for years but offer lackluster support.

That said, there’s something to be said for a proven track record. When a managed services provider has demonstrated years of excellence and has a reputation for top-quality work, that’s a good sign.

You need a provider who’s been tested in real-world scenarios with real-world clients. There’s no substitute for that kind of experience.

The HC Tech Guys Difference

The Hill Country Tech Guys team is proud of the kind of managed services we provide. Consider us the bourbon of tech support.

Smooth, easy to enjoy, and consistently high-quality.

What’s more, we’d love to show you what our clients already know. There is a difference. Working with us isn’t like working with other managed services providers. If you’d like to discover that for yourself, give us a call.

Bonus: Our recommendations

We love whiskey, whether it’s a bourbon or not. (We don’t discriminate.) Here are two Texas recommendations from our team. Neither are bourbons, but both are amazing.

Rebecca Creek

Rebecca Creek is a blended whiskey, combining both Tennessee and Canadian styles. It’s made right here in the Hill Country.

TX Whiskey

With hints of vanilla, caramel and coffee, TX Whiskey is wonderfully smooth and so very tasty. The distillery, Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co., also makes a fine bourbon.