unified communications

Increase Efficiency and Revenue with Unified Communications

Two ways to slow your company down: having separate forms of communication that cannot work together and using antiquated technology. A successful business must continuously look for ways to improve efficiency. Unified Communications (UC) is the joining together of several means of communication, including voice, conferencing, email, instant and video messaging, real time presence, fax and SMS. The various forms of communications are all merged together into one main hub via the latest in communication technology.

When these forms of communication become unified under one system, you will see your business efficiency improve exponentially, as well as an increase in employee job satisfaction, productivity and profits. Below we discuss specific ways that Unified Communications increase efficiency and revenue for businesses.

Advanced Technology

With a UC system in place your company will be working with the latest in business and communication technology, especially sound technology. Your company will experience less dropped calls and have sound quality that is state-of-the-art, so there are no misunderstandings with customers or during video conferences

By using UC features, you will be also able to respond in real time to employees and clients. The company can run faster and smoother and with better consistency. As information is shared amongst colleagues with fewer delays, collaboration is improved and workers can make decisions faster, responding to client demands with better efficiency.

Less Downtime

Time equals money in the business world, and the more time that is wasted, the more profits you’re losing. With a UC system in place, studies have shown that up to 20 minutes per employee can be saved daily by getting ahold of colleagues on the first try by integrating IM chats into phone calls. Integrating IM chats into Web conferences also saves time.

Improved Customer Service

If a customer has a bad experience with customer service, chances are they will no longer buy your brand or do business with your company. Losing customers is costly. UC gives your call center upgrades that result in decreases in wait times, and an increase in first call resolution. This makes for happy customers, which become repeat customers.

Better Mobility

Every employee with mobile features of UC, such as click-to-dial, corporate directory access, visual voicemail and presence, saves valuable minutes daily. Because employees can be reached anywhere at any time and quicker than ever with UC, the result is faster problem resolution and an increase in mobile worker productivity. With a single business phone number and voicemail that can reach an employee, regardless of the type of device, up to 30 minutes can be saved per employee on a daily basis.

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