Hill Country Tech Guy’s Environmental Responsibility Efforts

As the world is growing and innovating, we have seen increasing environmental concerns come to the forefront. Whether it is a large corporation, small business, or a single person, there are always big and small opportunities that can be pursued to combat these ongoing sustainability issues.  

A few years ago, we attended an IT conference where the CEO of a large corporation spoke on how his innovation was driven by the Jetson’s cartoon. He had grown up watching the well-known show and loved all the technology and ideas they portrayed in the futuristic world. He chased after this ideal, until he realized they were living in outer space because the Earth was covered in smog, making earth uninhabitable. This changed his perspective on the ideal world he had created in his head, and he switched gears to innovate in a way that would save the people and the world we have.  

Our company has a similar drive for environmental issues, which was passed on by our CEO, Whit Ehrich. Whit gave us passion for our environmental responsibility and integrated them into two of our core values: Reliability and Innovation. Although this has not been a specific guided effort on our part, environmental responsibility runs through the veins of Hill Country Tech Guys and all our employees; and it is apparent through our everyday actions. The following are some of the efforts we have implemented to support a greener future. 

Green Energy: 

Five years ago, Whit purchased his first Tesla. This car, which combined green energy and innovation, sparked a love for Whit which brought him to establish that every vehicle purchased from now on would utilize green energy. We have also installed chargers at the office for any employees, or passersby that may need a quick charge. Not only do the cars themselves promote sustainability, but the company Tesla also does so through their business practices. Which is why we have put our support into their products and hope to promote others to do so as well.  


Recycling computer hardware has always been a difficult spot. Due to certain data regulations, sending computers off to be recycled as that violates data privacy regulations. HCTG chose to invest in a hard drive crusher that completely destroys the hard drive so that all IT hardware could be responsibly recycled. This way computers are not sitting on shelves collecting dust, as well as staying out of another vastly full landfill and ultimately contributing to pollution of our beautiful Hill Country rivers and scenery. HCTG uses Green Guy Recycling in town to ensure that all hardware is recycled and taken away with care. We have been working with Green Guys for the past 7 years and plan to continue this effort of responsibility throughout the life of our company.  

One Computer=One Tree 

Starting in 2020, we began a campaign initiative to donate one tree for every computer purchased through us. During the pandemic, we halted briefly from fear of what the next few months might entail but have since resumed this program. We are so excited about this effort that we have continued it into 2021 and plan to carry it on for as long as possible.  


As children, we were taught it will take everyone doing small things to support this earth, and we have taken that to heart. When the possibility is there, we embrace it, and celebrate it.  


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