When it comes to your technology, cybersecurity is one of the most important topics to discuss. Today’s world is full of hackers setting out to steal your data and harm your success. At Hill Country Tech Guys, we understand this 110%. That is why we attended and sponsored the Crossroads Regional Cybersecurity Summit (CRCS) this year.

The Crossroads Regional Cybersecurity Summit

On October 4th, we made the trip out to Victoria, Texas to learn more about cybersecurity and related issues. Information Systems Integration, a Yoakum-based technology firm known nation-wide, organized the event with the help Victoria Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Congressman Blake Farenthold, and several local partners. In addition to us, other sponsors that attended were IT businesses such as My Digital Shield, Texas Dow Employees’ Credit Union (TDECU), BW Communications, and Tochril Technology Solutions.

This summit was put together to educate and raise awareness. As their website quotes, “Our intention is to highlight the current threat landscape which evolves daily, promote best practices within the SMB sector, and utilize recognized IT/network security professionals as our distinguished presenters.”

Ranging from local to global concerns, the top cybersecurity experts were brought out to discuss how these issues affect businesses. They also discussed the threat inefficient cybersecurity could be having on the nation. Everyone from small business leaders, local government officials, teachers, financial managers, and those just interested in cybersecurity trends were welcome.

Topics and Speakers

We were able to listen to and learn from a very high quality list of speakers. There was Wayne Bashman, who manages the information security for Houston’s largest credit union, TDECU. He is an information security professional who daily ensures the safety and security of numerous financial transactions, so he gave a presentation about cybersecurity.

We also heard from James Morrison, a Computer Scientist with the FBI. He has served as a local technical expert to the Special Agents and Task Force Officers in the Houston Area Cyber Crimes Task Force. He currently assists in computer intrusion investigations. Having 25 years of IT industry experience, he gave a presentations about cyber threats.

And, the keynote speaker of the event was none other than Sherri L. Hanson, Executive Director of the 24th Air Force in Lackland, Texas. She spoke about cyberspace perspective.

These are only three out of many informative and insightful presentations. You can discover and download all of the powerpoints here: http://www.crossroadscyber.com/presentations

Why did we go?

It was very important for us to go because we are serious about providing the best IT services to our clients. We know that even small business at risk for cyberattacks. We want to help you protect your valuable information. We are aware that small businesses may have fewer resources than larger companies when it comes to securing their technology. That’s why we went to get the advice of the best as to how we can make our services the most efficient out there. The first step is understanding the cyber threat that is out there. With our increased knowledge, we will be able to inform you on how to make the best decisions with your cybersecurity protection. Contact us to see!