Bad things happen when members of the Justice League don’t collaborate. Alternate realities are created. Characters are injured. People die. It’s not good. To defeat the Legion of Doom and save the day the Justice League needs to work together. And when they do, oh the great things they can accomplish.

When your team fails to communicate bad things happen, too. You miss deadlines, fail to complete projects, and lose productivity.

Take a lesson from the Justice League: communicate and collaborate. How? Unified communications (UC).

A UC platform gives your team the tools to work together on-the-go and in the office. We’re convinced that if the Justice League could use unified communications to fight supervillains and save the world, they would. And we’re going to explore how.

Here’s 4 ways members of the Justice League would use UC to outsmart evil and save the day.

#1: Tracking each other down.

If they’re not together in the Watchtower, there’s no telling where members of the Justice League are. If they can’t find each other, how’re they supposed to call for backup!?

With presence, Superman can see if Batman is free to help him battle Lex Luthor. If Batman’s busy fighting Ra’s al Ghul, Superman will have to take down the evil engineer alone.

The power of presence lets you track down your coworkers, too. With it, you can see if your team’s available to plot your next customer acquisition. Or to catch lunch at that new Italian place down the street.

#2: Coming to the rescue.

To stay one step ahead of the enemy, you’ve got to be stealthy. Especially when it comes to back up. Using Whisper, The Flash can secretly listen in on Green Lantern’s fight with Black Hand. If Green Lantern’s in trouble, The Flash can let him know he’s on his way. All without the masked villain hearing.

You can help your employees, too. Whisper lets you listen in on their calls. You can give them feedback in real-time and your clients will have no idea! Teamwork powered by unified communications.

“The benefits of UC are many. Put simply the need to be able to communicate face-to-face across any and all mediums on any device at any time is paramount for brands wishing to survive and thrive in today’s world.” —Forbes

#3: Sending out the call.

It’s late. The streets are dark. And Gotham’s in trouble. Penguin’s on another rampage and the police need help. Who do they call? Batman.

Enter single number reach. Dialing one number, the police can ring the Bat phone and send up the Bat Signal. A few minutes later, Batman’s at the scene ready to fight.

You too can use unified communications’ single number reach to get ahold of your coworkers. When you call them their office, mobile, and IP phones will ring. So no matter where they are, you can chat. An IT provider can help you get this feature set up.

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#4: Saving the day.

When the Legion of Doom unexpectedly attacks, the Justice League needs to strategize. Fast. Instant messaging lets the Justice League plan their attack as they head to the scene. Once they arrive, they’ll know exactly how to save the day.

With instant messaging, you can communicate with your team anywhere on any device via text chat. As long as you have an internet connection, you can collaborate with coworkers.

“84% of enterprises say collaboration technologies have improved the productivity of individual employees.” —Cisco

Coming together with unified communications.

We may not have superpowers like the Justice League. But with unified communications, we have the power to collaborate with our team and accomplish great things.

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