Unified communications refers to integrating or combining all the communications tools you need to share ideas and collaborate into a seamless system. Rather than solving your communications problems by adding on new applications or buying new phone systems, unified communications allows you to gain greater value from your existing communications processes.

When you and your employees readily have real-time access to the communications platforms you need – like instant messaging, IP voice, and video – from any device of your choosing, you’re able to collaborate more effectively and easily.

According to a customer survey of 1,400+ corporate executives, educators, and employees across a diverse array of industries, 86% of respondents blamed lack of collaboration/ineffective communication for workplace failures.

When communication breaks down, we see workplace frustrations and confusion go up. Redundant tasks being done, quality of work diminishing, and misunderstandings increasing (factors that all affect your bottom line).

Unified Communications: The Driver of Collaboration

According to a survey of CEOs, in which the question “what skill do you value the most in your people?” was asked, the most common responses were three things: the ability to solve problems, brainstorm new solutions, and use their creative and innovative skills to figure things out.

There’s no doubt that the ability to express creativity and innovation in the workplace is an important part of our jobs. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to solve problems in the best way possible or come up with fresh ideas to advance the company we’re at.

Hill Country Tech Guys to Your Rescue

Unified communications allows you to stay in constant communication with your teammates and work from any broadband-accessible location – which is a key driver of productivity and flexibility in today’s business realm. To learn more about what unified communications is, and how it can boost creativity and innovation in the workplace, give Hill Country Tech Guys a ring.