How to Secure Home Networks

How to secure home networks. Laptop keyboard with work from home button graphic.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Home network safety probably isn’t a top-of-the-list concern for most business leaders. If your business has any remote or hybrid employees, it should be. 2020 saw a huge surge in the number of remote workers across the country. Many ill prepared businesses are now suffering the consequences. Helping employees learn how to secure home networks […]

Block and Tackle Cybersecurity

  If it seems like all we’re reading in the news recently is “Cyberattack this” and “ransomware that…” it’s because the new reality for businesses is a world where nobody, regardless of size, are safe from cyber threats. Gone are the days of “I’m too small to be an attractive target.” While this seems like […]

Gone phishing: How to protect your business from phishing attempts

Phishing attacks have become one of the biggest security risks today’s businesses face. In fact, about three-quarters of organizations say that they encountered phishing attacks in 2017. The most successful phishing attacks usually come in the form of emails. Do you know how to spot them?

How to create a BYOD policy for your SMB

BYOD can benefit your business, but there are some security risks involved in letting employees use their personal devices. Learn about the pros and cons of BYOD so you can decide how to write a BYOD policy that protects the security of your business and employees.

Surefire Steps for Complete Network Security

At Hill Country, we want to ensure your business can handle and overcome all the latest security threats. With the right security solutions and services to watch your back and back you up, you can work with greater flexibility, confidence and productivity.

Disaster Recovery Could Have Made The Difference

Even the best cybersecurity can be breached. Cyber criminals are relentless in their efforts to bypass the newest security technology. While it’s absolutely worth your time to beef up security, you need to be ready for worst- case scenarios, too. You need a disaster recovery plan.

3 IT Security Best Practices to Avoid HIPAA Violations

The move towards a paperless medical practice seems inevitable, which is why it’s more important than ever to stay on top of changing HIPAA compliance regulations to avoid HIPAA violations and penalties. Here’s three IT security best practices to keep you prepared and secure for the future.

Staying On Top Of Your PCI Compliance

PCI compliance can be difficult to handle on your own. Make sure you have the Hill Country Tech Guys working with you to keep your business compliant.

How to Keep Your Network Secure When Employees Access it Remotely

We are seeing an increase in employees who are working less from the office and more from home, hotels, client locations and even vacation spots, thank to the continued advances in mobile technologies. This is great for business since workers do not have to be present for meetings and there is less money spent on […]