Is My Company Ready for Unified Communications?

If you are asking the question, “is my company ready for unified communications?”, you have an idea that your company is ready for the next step in becoming a more efficient, productive, and a secure brand. Great job. That is the first step. Now we want to tackle Unified Communications, what it is and how…Details

How IT Consultants Are Like MacGyver

From 1985-1992, MacGyver was American television’s “Mr. Fixit”. There was no problem he couldn’t overcome, often armed with nothing more than a lot of brain power and whatever random objects he could find to assemble a solution. So how is a great IT consultant like MacGyver? Builds on Past Lessons There’s no need to reinvent…Details

Increase Efficiency and Revenue with Unified Communications

Two ways to slow your company down: having separate forms of communication that cannot work together and using antiquated technology. A successful business must continuously look for ways to improve efficiency. Unified Communications (UC) is the joining together of several means of communication, including voice, conferencing, email, instant and video messaging, real time presence, fax…Details

Amplify employee communication

Using email to conduct important business always starts with the best intentions – saving everyone time. Just think back to the last time you used email to solve a significant business issue or answer detailed questions from an important customer. But sometimes email creates a disaster of miscommunication. Tone, intonation, and emotion get lost in…Details

When Disaster Strikes: Looking to the Cloud for Business Continuity

It’s a Monday afternoon. Calls are rolling in, there are countless voicemails to respond to, and business is humming along. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Courtney the sales manager knocks on your door with a perplexed look on her face. “Do you know what’s wrong with the phone system?” Courtney asks. “There’s no dial tone,…Details

Technology Never Sleeps

The world of technology continues to grow at jet speed, with no intention of slowing down. We stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest innovations, so you don’t have to. See how we can make these work for you!