Our VoIP eBook Has the Information You’ve Been Missing

Implementing tech solutions in the workplace can be a bit intimidating, especially when technology is still in development and made even more complicated by heavy jargon that eludes all but the most tech-savvy managers. Part of the mission of a good technical support provider is helping businesses understand exactly how they can benefit from certain technological solutions, especially those that aren’t particularly intuitive. One such technology is Voiceover Internet Protocol, known as VoIP. Even if you’ve never heard of VoIP before, our specially constructed eBook can tell you all about the technology and how it can directly benefit your business.

Learn What the Heck VoIP Is

In a general sense, VoIP is phone service over the internet, but it goes deeper than that. VoIP comes in many forms, from adapters that allow you to use a traditional handset and convert analog phone signals into digital signals to VoIP phones that are traditional in the way that they’re used but digital in function.
VoIP is a developing technology that many workplaces and individuals are making use of, sometimes without even realizing it. One such example is when a cell phone uses Wi-Fi to make a call, using no minutes and no data.

Learn How VoIP Can Save You Money

VoIP is a great way for businesses and individuals to cut costs. Traditional phone bills are a drag and proper use of VoIP can utilize broadband to perform most of the same functions. You’ll still have to pay internet bills, but networks with underutilized broadband can seamlessly implement many VoIP platforms with no trouble. To make things even better, many VoIP (like Skype) can work internationally at no or minimal extra cost.

Learn About Who is Developing VoIP Technology and What They’re Doing

A lot of big names are dabbling in VoIP development right now, and it could have huge ramifications on the future of communications technology. You’re probably familiar with the big names like Vonage and Skype, but tech giants like Apple and Google are also in the VoIP game, using existing technology for fairly conventional purposes and finding ways to incorporate it into future developments that could benefit your business and you as an individual.

VoIP is just one of many exciting IT developments that can make life simpler and easier at work and at home, and the world is quickly trending towards digital communication as an alternative to more traditional methods. The Hill Country Tech Guys are committed to helping your business find workable solutions to all of its IT challenges both now and in the future. For more information about what VoIP can do for your business, we encourage you to check out our VoIP eBook or give us a call.