Image of the globe split in half to represent the destruction of global warming.

Overcome Climate Change with a Disaster Recovery Plan

The ongoing rise in the global average temperature near the surface of the Earth is evidence of the dramatic change in global climate patterns. This is caused by the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases produced by human activities: deforestation, industrial processes, and certain agricultural practices that emit gases into the atmosphere. Although the greenhouse effect is natural and necessary to support life on earth, an increase of gases will change the Earth’s climate and affect the overall health of the planet. Many places have experienced increased changes to the weather resulting in intense rain, severe heat waves, floods, and droughts that could affect your company’s ability to stay up and running. Disaster recovery planning can help businesses prepare in case a natural disaster unexpectedly strikes.

A disaster recovery plan will help your company prepare for significant damage done from the effects of climate change. A disaster recovery plan involves a series of procedures and a set of policies that enable the continuation of vital technology information following a natural or human-induced disaster. When a company focuses on the technology systems, it will be able to efficiently react to any natural or manmade threat.

Common Strategies for Disaster Recovery:

  • Backups made to tape and sent off-site at regular intervals.
  • Backups made to disk on-site and automatically copied to off-site disk, or made directly to off-site disk.
  • Replication of data to an off-site location, which overcomes the need to restore the data.
  • Hybrid Cloud solutions that replicate both on-site and to off-site data centers.
  • Private Cloud solutions which replicate the management data into the storage domains which are part of the private cloud setup.

Help your company overcome the problems arising from greenhouse gas emissions and the risks associated with climate change by properly implementing a disaster recovery plan. If you have any questions or concerns, allow us to help: Hill Country Tech Guys Your HOME for IT Support & Consulting.