Keep your employees safe and business running with a remote work force

Workplace disruptions are the story of the day.  From the COVID-19 “Coronavirus” to the Nashville tornadoes and recent fires in Australia, there is no shortage of things to fear in the news.  When we are focused on daily operations, it is human nature to assume things will be fine and push discussions about business continuity to the back burner. Now is not the time to panic, but it absolutely IS the time to prepare – not only for the headline grabbing disasters, but much more common disruptions such as inclement weather, water main breaks, Internet and power outages.  Take this opportunity to plan for business continuity, and it just might save your business one day!

Many concerns about workplace disruption can be addressed by having a remote work plan in place.  A remote work plan identifies the key functions of your business that can be performed offsite, and helps you ensure you have the ability to execute that plan.  Here are some things you may want to consider:

We are here to help!  Creating a remote work plan involves assessing your risks, creating the plan, and identifying gaps.  Do not forget the most critical item: ongoing review.  If remote access is currently available, is everyone configured?  Have they tested recently?  Since last updating your plan, have critical business functions, key employees, or core applications changed?   We are happy to help you through this entire process.

Rest assured that we have a plan in place for our own business continuity, including a remote work plan, ensuring that we will be available to help you through a workplace disruption affecting your business.  Give us a call and let us help you establish business continuity for your team today.

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