IT consultants

How IT Consultants Are Like MacGyver

From 1985-1992, MacGyver was American television’s “Mr. Fixit”. There was no problem he couldn’t overcome, often armed with nothing more than a lot of brain power and whatever random objects he could find to assemble a solution. So how is a great IT consultant like MacGyver?

Builds on Past Lessons

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time if you have a previous solution you can modify to fit your new challenge. In IT consulting, adaptability is paramount to getting the job done. A great IT consultant should propose innovative solutions that leave you free to focus on running your business.

Thinks Outside the Box

It has probably never occurred to you to try to fix a hole in your car’s radiator by using egg whites as a patch, but MacGyver looked beyond the eggshell and saw a solution to his problem. A great IT consultant will take the resources available and turn a seemingly impossible situation into a success, even if they have to take a slightly more unconventional route to get there.

Keeps Learning and Shares Lessons Learned

MacGyver never missed an opportunity to learn something new, or share his knowledge with others, and neither will a great IT consultant. Staying up to date on the latest developments and keeping clients informed of these changes is what turns the client-consultant relationship into a true partnership and help identify additional ways to increase efficiencies in your organization.

Has Confidence

MacGyver never doubted he would be able to take vodka, a sleeping bag and an oxygen tank and turn it into a bomb powerful enough to blow through an avalanche. When presented with the unique challenges of your organization, your IT consultant should show the same problem solving confidence as MacGyver.

Is Trustworthy

Over the course of seven seasons, MacGyver’s ability to do what he said he would do and triumph over every adversity he faced made him a very valuable asset and your IT consultant should be no different. Your consultant should be able to assess the situation, offer a solution and deliver it within the projected timeframe and budget.

Is Persistent

Just as MacGyver had a few situations where he needed a “Plan B”, even the most well thought out plan can encounter an unexpected complication. What makes a great IT consultant like MacGyver is the ability to have a back-up plan in place and to keep moving forward until the right solution is discovered.

Is Patient

MacGyver knew never to act until he had completed a full evaluation of the situation. A great consultant will take time to learn about your organization and your goals and determine the best solution to meet your needs. They will work tirelessly for your success, and be ready to come back again next week to do it all over again.