Hill Country Tech Guys providing a smart person’s guide to server virtualization.

The Smart Person’s Guide to Server Virtualization

A smart person has the the right attitude and mental toughness to handle situations they aren’t fully equipped for. Ultimately, this means that regardless of any unexpected bumps or crossroads, the traveler will continue steadfast down their guide to success. Server virtualization refers to the partitioning of a physical server into multiple virtual servers to help maximize the user’s resources. Our smart person’s guide to server virtualization can help you navigate the ins and outs of your virtual environment.


Let us start off with highlighting a major benefit of server virtualization. A business can run its own operating systems separate from independently booted virtual servers. This will conserve more space by consolidating several machines into one virtual environment. Server virtualization has been proven to be useful for a corporation striving to save money and boost productivity. These resources aim to drive operational costs down and lower the number of physical servers, which will reduce hardware maintenance.


Virtualization has surpassed 50% of all server workloads, according to the Gartner Group, which believes it will reach 86% in 2016.

  • The workloads are inevitably going to go up and down and may not be a perfect match at all times if virtual machines achieve the 75 – 80% server utilization rate that many data center managers now consider optimum.
  • Set performance goals. When loading up a host server with virtual machines, 60% to 80% total utilization is a reasonable target for maintaining overall host and guest virtual machine performance and high ROI.

Allow us to guide you through the winding road of server virtualization. Discover the opportunities that await you and let us help you navigate around any road bumps. Call today and see how we can help you!