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70% of Businesses Are Not Prepared for a Cyber Attack.

The threat is real.

What’s the Risk?

Security breaches are taking their toll across the small- to medium-sized business landscape. Business disruption has increased by nearly 50%, reducing employee productivity by 33%. This results in massive spikes in your operational costs — not to mention an overall decrease in revenue. Can your business afford to shoulder these setbacks?

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How We Secure

Your Network

Cyber threats have evolved in just a few short years. These new attacks are more sophisticated and more threatening than ever before, which means that the security solutions of the past aren’t enough anymore. Luckily, network security has evolved, too.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

We begin by evaluating your current vulnerabilities that put your information assets and business at risk. Through our comprehensive risk assessment, we can help you identify weaknesses in your network security and quickly spot the risks that require your immediate attention.

Top Security Solutions

Our cyber security strategies include real-time threat monitoring, profiling for external and internal threats, risk assessment and more. And instead of scrambling if an incident should occur, immediate and effective remediation processes are already defined and ready to be executed.

Employee Education

In order to combat risks, it’s important to have a culture of security instilled in your workplace. With our security awareness training, your staff will have the skills they need to keep your systems safe, which can lead to the reduction of a risk of a cyber attack of 70 percent.

Hill Country Tech Guys are very knowledgeable about their IT services! Super professional and I highly recommend their services to any commercial business or residential.

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