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RC enthusiast who once was part of a high school team that created and drove a solar car from Texas to California.

Whit Ehrich

Life-long goal of visiting all of the National Wildlife Parks in the US.

Sara Ehrich

4’11 ½”

Sarah Shuford 

Her kids are her best friends.

Amy Walton

Has an ancestor that died in The Battle of the Alamo.

Daryl Davis

Came to HCTG after working IT/marketing in the motorcycle industry.

Jared Vinson

Didn’t know what guacamole was until she moved to Texas from Minnesota. 

Frankie Runquist 

Doesn’t like taking pictures. 

Cade Villarreal 

Loves off-shore kayak fishing, bay fishing and hunting.

Matt Arriaga 

Hates sitting at desk, likes pies and wears kilts.

Travis Arnold

Loves 1800s literature and Shakespeare.

Natalie Hell

Enjoys blacksmith work and hiking in our state parks. 

Andrew Alvarez

Loves live music and music festivals. 

Cameron Haecker 

Tried to get a job in a library and got stuck in the IT department, where she has been stuck since. 

Cherise Farmer-Miles

His favorite thing in life is bacon. 

Kris Morrison

Makes his own beer, his specialty being Zaison.

Michael McDonald

Likes building model airplanes and playing video games. 

Mark Gomez

Has three guitars and doesn’t know how to play them. 

Rick Gordon 

Likes hiking with his dogs. 

Michael Peel

Enjoys fishing, camping and floating. 

Pete Carr 

Competes in online video games.

Thomas Hernandez 

Was on the Texas State Quidditch team.

Danny Langford

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