5 things to look for in help desk support

Help desks are vital for internal support, customer service and retention strategies. While searching for the best partner, try to think about the whole thing from the perspective of the people who will communicate with the help desk the most—your employees. What will they find useful?

5 big business technology tools that are perfect for SMBs

Small businesses have unique needs when it comes to technology. They need the same technology tools that large business use, but scaled down to their size. Here are some of the most important technology tools that work well for SMB owners. Maybe it’s time to incorporate these into your business.

Surefire Steps for Complete Network Security

At Hill Country, we want to ensure your business can handle and overcome all the latest security threats. With the right security solutions and services to watch your back and back you up, you can work with greater flexibility, confidence and productivity.

The Error Code Is Coming from . . . INSIDE THE NETWORK!

Network issues happen. There’s little you can do to avoid them. But they don’t have to bring your business to a grinding halt. If you spot these IT support warning signs, get on the phone with your IT support provider. A little proactive work now can save you the hassle of network downtime later.

5 Must-Have Qualities for IT Support

Maybe on some level, you’ve come to expect too little from your IT support. If you have enough rotten experiences, you begin to believe that’s just the way it is. We believe you should be able to get so much more.

Even the Overwatch Heroes Need Solid Team Support

In Overwatch, there’s no winning without teamwork. And we bring the same philosophy to work. There’s no room in IT support for showboating. Instead, IT support should be about empowering your business. If you’re not winning, we’re not winning.