Office365 2022 Price Insights

At Hill Country Tech Guys we strive to keep all our customers in the loop with the latest updates in the IT industry. Recently Microsoft announced that they will be increasing their Office365 pricing for the first time in a decade on most of their Office 365 products in March of 2022. This comes on the heels of continuous improvement and additions to their product line. Most of the innovation has circled around Communication & Collaboration, Security & Compliance, and AI & Automation to supply a complete suite of secure easy-to-use products for your business that save you time and money.  

What they’ve added to warrant an Office365 pricing increase:

When it comes to Communication and Collaboration Microsoft created its Teams software in 2017 to offer a complete package for video, chat, project management, tasks, and calls.  

In terms of security, Microsoft 365 added features such as message encryption, DLP (data loss prevention) for documents and emails, and sensitivity labels.  

With the rise of AI and automation in our day-to-day lives, Microsoft did its part to make our lives easier with the development of AI-powered real-time translation, caption, and transcription.  

A note to our Clients:

For some of our users, Hill Country Tech Guys will be reaching out with cost-saving opportunities. Specifically, customers who are currently on an E3 license with mailboxes under 50 GB. These users will be eligible to transfer their license to a Business Premium, saving $1 a user per month. We will be reaching out to these clients shortly to help facilitate this move in order to continue to provide you with the best products possible at the lowest cost.  


The subscription prices will increase as follows: 

As always, you can reach out to us for more information regarding Office365

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