If you know me, you know I love technology, and that I travel a lot! Due to the fact that I drive about 45,000 miles a year, I also have had my share of cars. I made some purchases in the past that were not the best car for the amount of traveling I do. After discussing my options with my peers, I decided to purchase a Tesla. It was a big investment, but the money that I have saved on fuel has definitely made it manageable.

Let me just say, I love this car. It has changed my life.

First of all, the car drives itself very well. I can go to Dallas and only have to actually drive the car about 20% of the trip (mostly due to construction zones). I have also noticed that I arrive more rested and ready to work. My wife, Sara, loves that the occasional distraction of a phone call or something isn’t nearly as scary.

Second of all, the actual time in the driver’s seat is enjoyable. The huge windshield that goes above your head totally helps you feel more out of the car, and the controls for the car are very thought out and intuitive. The built in music streaming is my favorite way to pass the time.

Thirdly, the over the air updates actually make the driving experience increasingly better! It’s like a mini-Christmas every time I wake up to find the Tesla has received an update during the night, which has been about once a month.

Yes, this is a fast car. Yes, it has cool doors. But I have had other cars that are fast and have cool features. The thing that makes this car amazing is the SOFTWARE and the COMPUTER INSIDE. When thinking of Tesla, I think more about the software and less about the car itself.

This car is not perfect. I have had some minor glitches. But no car shop has taken care of me like the Tesla shop has.

I do feel like Tesla Motors is inspiring an automotive revolution!