What You Need to Know About Microsoft End-of-Life

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Every device has an end-of-life date, just like the products you buy at the supermarket. Microsoft end-of-life dates are easy to find, but it’s vital to understand what they mean for your business. Computers and servers are the biggest spends associated with Microsoft’s end-of-life. While these two systems are very different, the impact of the […]

Cybersecurity Training for Your Workforce

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Recent hacks at Uber and Rockstar games have many companies on edge, wondering about their own security. For many, the hacks have highlighted a huge vulnerability that every company has, regardless of size and industry. Human error. The number one vulnerability for any company is their employees. Let’s be clear, we’re not saying your employees […]

Environmental Responsibility from a Tech Company

Hill Country Tech Guy’s Environmental Responsibility Efforts As the world is growing and innovating, we have seen increasing environmental concerns come to the forefront. Whether it is a large corporation, small business, or a single person, there are always big and small opportunities that can be pursued to combat these ongoing sustainability issues.   A few years […]

The Rise and Risk of QR Codes

  The Rise and Risk of QR Codes   A Background on QR Codes Around 2012, the concept of QR codes came about. The ability to simply create and paste a simple image on a piece of marketing, packaging, etc. brought about excitement to marketers. However, they were truly only exciting to marketers, not many people […]

Block and Tackle Cybersecurity

  If it seems like all we’re reading in the news recently is “Cyberattack this” and “ransomware that…” it’s because the new reality for businesses is a world where nobody, regardless of size, are safe from cyber threats. Gone are the days of “I’m too small to be an attractive target.” While this seems like […]

Datto Blue Diamond Partner Status

Hill Country Tech Guys Achieve Blue Diamond Partner Status with Datto Hill Country Tech Guys is proud to announce that we have achieved Blue Diamond Partner status with Datto, a global provider of cloud-based software and technology solutions purpose built for delivery by managed service providers.    Datto Blue Diamond status represents the top 2% […]

Office365 2022 Price Insights

Office365 2022 Price Insights At Hill Country Tech Guys we strive to keep all our customers in the loop with the latest updates in the IT industry. Recently Microsoft announced that they will be increasing their Office365 pricing for the first time in a decade on most of their Office 365 products in March of 2022. This comes on the heels of continuous improvement […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! As the 18th year of National Cybersecurity Awareness month rolls around, we should all take a look at what we’re doing to help combat and prevent cyberattacks and cyber theft. This is a month-long effort brought to life through a collaboration between the National Cyber Security Alliance and the U.S. […]

Remote Work Essentials

As Hospital numbers climb and a global workforce shortage in place, companies need to get creative as to how they will keep employees on board, keep employees safe, and keep their businesses going.  Work from Home environments will surely top the list of the ways that they can accommodate all three of those items.  Companies […]